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Our connections with over 4,500 Breton businesses, including 300 foreign-owned companies, are your key assets

We’ll help you get all information (market, financial incentives, supplier & partner identification, cost assessments, etc.) to consolidate your project, meet the right persons according to your needs, find the right place to set up your business. We’ll be by your side every step of your project, until your setup and even after.
Moving forward together

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Bretagne drive-through : Japanese won over

Some twenty Japanese logistics engineers have visited a Leclerc Drive-through at La Mézière. Something quite new for the Japanese who ...


Makurazaki opens a katsuobushi factory in Concarneau

The manufacturing plant is going to produce katsuobushi, a highly-sought-after Japanese condiment which is virtually impossible to find in Europe. ...


Inauguration of Makurazaki France Katsuobushi in Concarneau

A significant moment for the Japanese cooperative but also for our “foreign investment” team, which has already been advising and ...