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A Network of Excellence

Brittany is a considerable way ahead in biotechnologies. Equipped with ultra-modern research facilities, it is active in a number of fields: the cellular cycle, hepatology, medical imaging, cellular therapy, and vectorization. The region lists 110 research teams, 24 hospitals and 2 university hospitals (Brest and Rennes), 6 specialized science parks, a regional incubator, 4 universities and more than 20 higher education institutions which train top specialists. Effective, ultra-modern research is the product of close partnerships between laboratories, university hospitals, French blood centres, cancer research centres, and medicine and pharmacy faculties.

Programme Capbiotek : a development programme for Biotech in Brittany

In Close-Up: Dedicated Research Structures
  • INSERM : the French national health and medical research institute, runs 8 research units and employs 800 researchers.
  • Biogenouest : a genome research network, comprises 54 research units and 2 000 employees, 800 of whom are researchers.
  • Cancéropole Grand Ouest is made up of 40 teams of researchers, 235 researchers and 210 persons from university hospitals in Brittany, Centre, Pays de Loire and Poitou-Charentes.
  • Europole mer

A Market of 160 Specialized Companies

Applications: medical multimedia communication, medical imaging, diagnostics, nutrition/health, clinical pharmacy, medical consultancy services, biomaterials, new medications and treatments.

Leading companies: Algues et mer, BBE, Biomedic Insure, Biopredic, Biopredic International, Bioproject Biotech, Biotrial, Britapharm, Capsugel, Pfizer, Cellis Pharma, CERP Bretagne Nord, Codif International, C-RIS Pharma, Diana Ingrédients, Effiscience, Epsilon Chimie, Eurocell Diagnostocs, Even Santé Industrie, Girex, Hemarina, HTL Javenech, Icône SAS, Innova Proteomics, Labopharm, Laboratoire Aditec, Laboratoire Boiron Dolisos, Laboratoire Gefa, Medica export, Medicaps, Natural Implant, Oligocaps, Pierre Jouan Biotechnologies, Sepia Santé, Somaig, and more.