Skills & talents

Bretagne is home to qualified, professional men and women.
The region’s population boasts a high level of education and has always shown a propensity to embrace schooling.

Bretagne enjoys an excellent education system that reflects employers’ needs.
Every year, the region welcomes in over 110,000 students to the four universities that make up the overarching Université Européenne de Bretagne federation, as well as its 27 professional schools.

The people of Bretagne share the same appreciation for community values anchored in a strong sense of regional identity and belonging that adds value:

  • Commitment
  • Sense of community
  • Open-mindedness
  • Imagination


Foreign and French investors in the region see Bretagne’s professionals as committed, motivated and highly skilled partners.

Bretagne attracts an average of 23,000 new inhabitants every year and retains its talent thanks to exceptional quality of life: a huge range of cultural and leisure activities, a rich diversity of landscapes, a strong sense of community, reasonable living costs, cities on a human scale and high-quality public services.