ActuaPlast is surfing on the buoyancy of the car industry

Actuaplast (La Forêt Fouesnant, 100 employees), specialising in the manufacture of plastic car parts, from prototyping to small and medium-sized production runs, invested in a 3D printer which uses metal at the beginning of 2016.

The add-on technology is a small revolution in fast prototyping as there is no longer a need to machine a part. This investment is opening the doors to markets like aeronautics and defence.

Although the company’s DNA lies in fast prototyping, mass and series production is becoming more significant: 44% (in value) of today’s business. In 2015, the company produced over four million plastic parts. The factory has therefore expanded, with €2.5M investment in early 2016 in new machinery. The SME, which generated €14M turnover in 2015 and is banking on €15M for 2016, is surfing on the strong demand from the car market, especially the export market. Its production subsidiary in Detroit, USA is also ramping up (€1.2M turnover in its first financial year). American manufacturers are very interested in the blowing extrusion technology used by ActuaPlast.

The company also has a presence in China through a commercial office in Hong Kong and a factory in Dongguan (fifty people). And the director, Ronan Perennou, does not rule out bringing in investors or working with an industrial company to move on to a new level.


Source: Ouest France Entreprise, 21/03/16, API e-newsletter, 24/02/16