After eco-friendly weeding, Oeliatec eyeing up new markets

Oeliatec, weeding solutions with hot water. Photo credit : Oeliatec

Oeliatec (Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande) is perennially innovating for professionals in the horticulture sector. Bretagne, a pioneering region in chemical weedkiller control, was the ideal experimental area for the inventor, whose first patented machine, a weeding robot powered with hot water to reduce the use of plant protection products, was tested in cities like Rennes, Bruz and Le Rheu.

Currently, Oeliatec produces one daily, which allows the company to consider 10 recruitments in 2018. The company doubled its turnover in 2017 and anticipates that the growth will continue in 2018 in light of its efficiency in the national calls to tender (local/regional authorities, motorway companies, military, hospitals, etc.). Its machines are beginning to be exported in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany, where it is looking to set up a subsidiary in 2019 to pursue its development strategy in the European market.

Besides its integrated engineering department (4 engineers), Oeliatec develops a range of 6 different machines and has launched Mollen, a multi-purpose electric commercial vehicle for professionals in the horticulture sector for maintenance of green spaces. Entirely manufactured and assembled in Bretagne, it can also be used for high pressure cleaning and tool transport, as well as other applications. Oeliatec plans to invest €2 million for mass production.


Sources : Journal des Entreprises – 15/01/2018

Photo credit : Oeliatec