Algaia transfers its headquarters from Paris to Lannilis

Biomarine resource specialist, Algaia (Lannilis, 95 employees, turnover in 2017: €15.3 million, targeted sales in 2018: €18 to 19 million, 90% in exports) bought the former Cargill plant in Lannilis, dedicated to alginates. It has transferred its registered office to the new location. It also has an R&D centre in Saint-Lô in Normandy (12 employees) as well as a sales office in Paris.

In 2017, Algaia raised €4 million from the Israeli company Maabarot, which has allowed it to pursue its strategic investments to become a market leader in algae extracts. Since 2017, €5 million has been invested in Lannilis, to improve plant standards and production capacity through a new line which is now operational.

The company now intends to strengthen its positions in the United States and expand its activities outside the agri-food and cosmetics sectors to agriculture and biostimulants.


Source : Lettre API – 29/06/2018