Algopack, plastics made from algae

Algopack cosmetic packaging

In attendance at the 3rd World Impact Journalism Day, the Courrier de Russie published an item on the “French Tom Thumb of biochemistry”, Algopack (Saint-Malo), in its special supplement on innovative projects with major social impact. For the past fifteen years, its founder R. Lucas has been designing solutions to replace petrochemical plastics with plastics derived from algae. The result is the Algopack and Algoblend ranges. The article underlines the numerous advantages of processes developed by the company and tested successfully in Asia (Japan, China), South Africa, Canada and South America (Chile). These processes also give hope to areas like the West Indies or Guyana which are heavily polluted by Sargassan algae on which Algopack has been tested conclusively. Major players (Leclerc, Orange, Sagemcom, Biocoop, etc.) have already expressed interest. However, R. Lucas believes it necessary to secure the resource and move into industrial phase before signing too many contracts. He is currently raising funds having estimated the necessary investment at €5M. The goal is €30M turnover within five years and the creation of some thirty jobs.

Source : Le Courrier de Russie – 20/06/2015
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