Allflex adds chips to its identification tags

Allflex identification tags. Photo credit : Allflex

Allflex (Vitré, 1,700 employees), animal identification specialist, relies on the development of electronic models and designs all of its transponders on its Breton site (150 million units a year). Its products meet the regulatory traceability and health and safety requirements in livestock units.

The company wants to develop its sales with electronic tagging. So far, this only applies to 5 to 10% of farms but it could drastically change owing to a decree that would generalise identification tags for all calf births (6 million births a year). The company has invested €50 million over 10 years to modernise its site in Vitré (80% for automation and robotisation) and prepare for the growth of the sector.

Allflex is growing internationally, namely in Australia, Uruguay and New-Zealand, and exports 90% of its tags. Amidst its development in the animal intelligence segment, Allflex bought out SCR, the Israeli specialist in animal monitoring in 2015 and created its brand Antelliq, which encompasses Allflex, Biomark and Sure Petcare.


Source : Journal des Entreprises – 14/05/2018

Photo credit : Allflex