With Alternazote Bio 3G is revolutionising nitrogen-based fertilisation

After fifteen years investing in R&D, the specialist in environmentally-friendly agricultural solutions for agriculture professionals and green spaces, Bio 3G (Merdrignac, 320 employees, €35M turnover in 2015, 10% exports) is launching Alternazote, a nitrogen-nutritional biotechnological agent for more natural crop growth. The solution has been developed jointly with UMR Rennes and Inra and is protected by a European patent. It reduces the amounts of nitrogen required for fertilisation by 20% whilst improving the profitability of crops. The company has manufacturing facilities at Chacé (Pays de la Loire) and Salindres (South of France).

Bio3G is planning to establish itself in Spain and Italy in 2016 in addition to the Belgian and Swiss branches it already has.


Source: API Newsletter – 02/06/2016

Credit: alternazote.com