The American start-up Sea Machines visits Brest

As part of its mission to seek out and assist foreign investors, Bretagne Commerce International hosted in November the US company Sea Machines. This start-up is one of the 2017 beneficiaries of the “Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (YEI)” intended to support the setting up of innovative American companies in France through a week of immersion in France at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Business France.

Sea Machines develops self-driving boat technologies that can be adapted to fleets of new or existing boats. The company’s products are targeted to segments of the marine industry such as: sea surveillance, transportation, dredging, safety and towing, pollution clean-up.

BCI set up meetings for Philip Bourque, Director of Business Development at Sea Machines and accompanied him in these meetings with Pôle Mer Bretagne in Plouzané, the accidental water pollution documentation, research and experimentation centre (CEDRE) and the French navy’s practical expertise centre for pollution control (CEPPOL) in Brest.