Amzair, the 100% Brest heat pump

Pompe à chaleur Silenz de Amzair. Crédit photo : Amzair.

The manufacturer of heat pumps, Amzair (Brest, 26 employees) targets the renovation and new home market. Its products are on average 30% more expensive, but the company differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a discrete, silent heat pump, without an external group. In addition, it is recognised for its reliability and local production.

The outlook is encouraging with 40% growth. Amzair aims for a turnover of €8 to 10 million within 3 years (3 million in 2017) with national development. Today, it is relying on a fully integrated sales force for greater proximity and responsiveness with its customers, but should expand its network of Amzair ambassadors. It has just signed partnerships to export its products to Europe. To ensure its growth, Amzair now offers a range of connected pumps, which send a signal in case of damage.


Sources : Lettre API – 09/11/2017, Ouest France – 16/01/2018

Photo credit : Amzair