Aponistics fighting breast cancer

The research unit known as OSS, led by Patrick Legembre is established at Eugène Marquis, the regional centre of the fight against cancer in Rennes. They are working on a new approach in the fight against cancer, especially triple negative type breast cancers and severe chronic inflammatory diseases such as lupus. In the case of lupus, it’s a molecule, Fas Ligand, which makes the immune system think the body is a foreign object. It creates infections affecting organs like the kidneys, the skin, the nervous system… A disease that does not yet benefit from treatment and which in the most severe cases can cause death. Fas Ligand is also responsible for the metastatic process in the breast. This molecule creates an environment that asphyxiates healthy cells, which mutate and become cancerous. OSS aim to counteract the way Fas Ligand works, by no longer focusing solely on the cancerous cell, but also on the environment that transforms it. This unit has conducted tests on mice and succeeded in eliminating their lupus. This work was published in August in the prestigious American journal Immunity, a global reference.

To continue this work on Fas Ligand, Patrick Legembre created the Aponistics company whose objective is to develop diagnostic tools or innovative treatments. The main difficulty: finding €10m to fund research and testing protocols. Large US firms made them some very welcoming gestures. But they wish to stay in France.


Source : Ouest France entreprises, 20/08/2016
Photo credit : twitter.com/hashtag/aponistics