Aquassys, water and pipes that are making a buzz

Drilling, pumping and heating are the three pillars of Aquassys (Dol-de-Bretagne), whose expertise benefits a range of ventures, from ocean liners to poultry houses. “All our business lines and projects revolve around pipes and water,” says Jean-François Gobichon, the CEO. The company, founded in 1981, has diversified. Originally, it specialised in drilling water wells for supplying farms. The idea of heating or cooling by means of the precious liquid, has turned a small stream into a large river. Taking the reins of the family business in 1999, Jean-François Gobichon is bringing his know-how to public procurement and large construction sites. He is used to responding to calls for tenders, and that’s his strong point.

Today Aquassys focuses on innovation and research. For example, Aquassys and the Region are involved in a research programme concerning heating in poultry houses. The first results show that farmers are saving money, bedding is cleaner, health risks are fewer, and chicks are healthier. Another team is currently working in the Dordogne on the reintroduction of freshwater mussels, an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. This mussel has, in addition, the good grace to produce pearls. Something that could make her Breton cousins jealous.

Source : Ouest France entreprises, 22/08/16
Photo Credit : Aquassys