AriadNext uncovers identity papers fraud Photo credit : Ariadnext

Ariadnext (Rennes, 31 employees) specialises in document digitising and securing and identity check solutions.

For example, its application encapsulates the identity card on the telephone which connects with all the legal files. The application is certified by Anssi and is targeting finance, banks, insurance and telecom companies, housing and players with the legal obligation to check for forged documents.

The company has enjoyed 50% growth with this turnkey solution. Among its customers, 20% are from fintech or the banking sector and include major names like Tripndrive, SNCF, Teci, Gendarmerie nationale, Aval, a subsidiary of BNP, Crédit mutuel Arkéa and CM-CIC. The company works with the Police and the Gendarmerie nationale on the IDFrance project, a forged document detection API capable of adapting rapidly to all types of document.

The company is already working in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom on this subject; the project should allow it to react positively to requests from foreign prospective customers, all the more so that every EU member is required to set up an electronic identification scheme for its citizens by July 2018. Ultimately, the technology could even incorporate the FranceConnect system. At the same time, international financial legislation is becoming more strict: money transfers and the identity of their instigators are monitored and sectors like online gaming are demanding reinforced security.


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