Aroma Celte sells its capsules worldwide

Aroma celte lithotamne

With 44% growth in recent months, the laboratory specialising in aromatherapy  Aroma Celte (Saint-Agathon) markets its essential oils and dietary supplements based on lithotamne through pharmacies, health food stores and other influencer networks (doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths) across France, but is also focusing its attention on its international development. Aroma Celte wishes to open a subsidiary in Japan in 2016. This will offer all its ranges and specific products for the luxury market will be developed. Negotiations are also in progress with China. The company has licences to market its products in Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy and is waiting for responses for Spain, Belgium, Russia and Canada. The SME will launch its new brand Form & Sens in 2016 for distribution through large and medium-sized retailers. The company is planning a 700 m2 extension to cope with its growth.

Sources : Lettre Economique de Bretagne – 17/07/2015 & Ouest-France Entreprises – 10/11/2015
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