At 70 years of age, La Laiterie Malo is in Olympic shape

La Laiterie Malo (in Saint Malo; 200 employees; 2018 turnover: 95M€, 40% export) has seen annual growth of more than 10% since its acquisition by the Sill Group (in Plouvien; 1,400 employees; 2017 turnover: €452M; 8 production sites including 6 in Bretagne) in 2008, and has hired 10 people per year over the past ten years. It is doing well against giants like Danone and Yoplait.


Respecting authentic tradition while innovating

Latest products : a renneted organic chocolate (dessert based on rennet curdled milk) and for the Route du Rhum, a fresh rum-raisin cheese. With yoghurt, fresh cheeses and mousses, about a hundred specialities are produced on the Saint-Malo site. At the moment, the company is working on more creamy textures. And a new range is expected to be launched in 2019, of both conventional and organic products.

The company is also working on new yoghurt formats to expand its range and win over new customers. Two years ago, the dairy had already developed glass pots of yoghurt. However its famous cardboard pots are still produced.  Also, 45% of Malo Dairy’s business is in milk powder, intended for the production of high quality chocolate.

To maintain its growth, investments have continued at a sustained rate of nearly €2.5 million per year for the past 10 years. An increase in capacity is planned with a new pasteurisation line and cardboard pots, as well as the purchase of a concentrator.


A new powdered milk plant for the Sill Group

Besides Laiterie Malo, the Sill group includes several SMEs: Le Gall (butter and cream), Le Petit Basque (yoghurt and desserts made with sheep’s milk), Primel Gastronomie (ready meals), and several other brands: Teddy Chef (baby food), Matine milk (milk powder), Bopi and Plein Fruit (fruit juice), La Potagère (soups), La Compagnie Arctique and Saveurs Cristal (frozen products) and Grandeur Nature (organic products). It should be noted that the organic range now makes up 15% of the group’s business. For all these activities, the Sill group collects 220 million litres of milk from 560 producers.

In addition, the group will invest €80 million in a new drying tower in Landivisiau. This plant will produce 18,000 tonnes of milk powder, 100% dedicated to exports. A large part will be exported to Asia, in anticipation of an agreement being finalised with the Chinese group Yinquiao Dairy. The group is also targeting the Middle East and Africa. The plant is expected to open in 2020 and to employ about 60 people.


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Photo credit : Ouest France