Atlantic Ovo, 5th-largest industrial egg-breaking plant in France

Atlantic Ovo (in Kernascléden; 40 employees; 2018 turnover: €12M) has been manufacturing fresh and preservative-free liquid eggs for the agri-food sector and wholesalers for over thirty years. The SME has become the 5th-largest industrial egg-breaking plant in France. About 100,000 eggs are broken per hour, before being cooled and pasteurised. They are then packaged in bottles, cans and containers with a capacity of up to 1,000 litres.

Atlantic Ovo was acquired in March 2018 by Domaine de Marie-Jeanne, which is the largest producer of laying hens in the West of France and the second largest independent producer in France. With a brood of 540,000 laying hens bred without antibiotics or pesticides in the Côtes-d’Armor, the group is self-sufficient in terms of its supplies. This vertical integration of the supply chain is an important guarantee of supply security and price stability for its industrial customers in the agri-food sector and specialised wholesalers among professionals in the food industry in France and Switzerland.

Atlantic Ovo is investing €1 million to improve the company’s competitiveness, reduce the strain at work and increase environmental protection.


Sources : Le Télégramme – 01/08/2018, Ouest France – 15/08/2018