Autocruise radars make the car ever more intelligent

Autocruise (Brest, turnover in 2017: €30 M), a subsidiary of the German ZF, designs and manufactures radars and sensors for driving assistance: obstacle detection, emergency brake assistance, intelligent systems for speed control, rear speed cameras. The company counts major manufacturers among its customers, such as PSA, Renault, but also Man, Volvo and Bendix for trucks.

According to Mr Léon, director of Autocruise, vehicle sensors will become increasingly accurate and widespread. Thanks to artificial intelligence, they can even determine the exact nature of an obstacle (child, dog, simple object, etc.). Autocruise is preparing for the evolution of European vehicle safety standards, the Euro NCAP. By 2020, manufacturers will have to include side radars in their vehicles.

The company produces 350,000 radars a year and is expected to reach one million by 2020. In 2016, it invested €3 million between its R&D centre, its production lines and the extension of its logistics platform.

Source : Les Echos – 28/04/2017