Award-winning attractive towns: the West has the wind in its sails

The annual Express awards examine the largest one hundred French urban areas with a fine tooth comb based on the latest official statistics. Three separate categories are drawn up: quality of life (“Live”), professional change (“Work”) or a wish to work for oneself (“Own business”).

The 2017 awards go to Rennes for quality of life, Nantes for work and Toulouse for entrepreneurship. Year after year, Rennes, Nantes and Lyon are the three cities found most often on the various podiums. This year, Rennes is the only city in the top five of all three categories (second for “Work” and fifth for “Own business”).

Overall, the West has the wind in its sails. Four Bretagne cities are among the twelve cities where life is best: Brest (5th), Lorient (7th), Vannes (11th) and Quimper (12th).

Source : L’Express – 06/10/2017