Back Europ opens a logistics platform in Bretagne

Back Europ France (Plougoumelen, 1,500 employees, €340M turnover 2016, €635M turnover 2017) is the leading French central purchasing body in the distribution market for bread- and pastry-making products, from the oven to the lab, with 13,000 articles.

The company opened its new platform of more than 16,000 m2 and its new corporate head office in the Spring. The company works with 260 suppliers of packaging, hygiene products and dried, fresh and frozen products, 53 warehouses scattered throughout the country and 36,000 craft bakers, pastry-makers and professionals in all food-related trades.

The opening of the new logistics platform also responds to development towards commercial and corporate catering markets. Wagering on the expertise of its employees, Back Europ France has set up an in-house training centre christened University performances.

Source : Ouest-France entreprises 10/05/2017