BBright well positioned internationally

BBright (Rennes) is a specialist in professional solutions for the video industry. Its international sales accounted for 75% of the total for its first financial year in 2015! Selling this cutting-edge technology internationally (North America, South-East Asia and Europe) is a strategic choice in the light of the potential market, states G. Arthuis, Chairman and Managing Director. In its image-linked business, the company is targeting video service operators like Sky, Swisscom, Orange, TF1 and Canal+, directly or via a distributor network. The SME has just signed a first technological cooperation with IRT B-Com, by acquiring a licence for their technology which can convert a standard video file into a format of a quality almost the same as HDR. The SME is also interested in the laser technology market, at the R&D stage, and hopes to sign the first contracts with the medical sector this year.

Source :  API newsletter Р11/04/2016
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