b<>com and Mitsubishi Electric join up to develop the communication networks of the future

On September 29, the Rennes research center of Mitsubishi Electric in Europe and the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology made a long-term commitment to innovation in order to develop future generations of communication solutions. Now, researchers from Mitsubishi Electric and b<>com are working together to optimize multi-antenna fifth-generation (5G) transmissions as networks are becoming denser and energy efficiency is growing. In concrete terms, some researchers from Mitsubishi Electric’s will be present at the b<>com campus for several months, within a multidisciplinary team from the Networks & Security field.
The Rennes research center of Mitsubishi Electric in Europe wants to accelerate its work and innovations, particularly on the networks of the future. b<>com, meanwhile, has been developing expertise and legitimacy in 5G since it was created. The two structures therefore formalized their commitment, illustrating once again the dynamism of Rennes and the region of Bretagne in digital technologies.
At Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe, 50 researchers highly qualified in digital and energy sciences are inventing the technologies of the future. With 20 years of expertise, this center has filed about thirty patents each year in the fields of communication systems and power electronics. Among the questions the Rennes teams are working on: How can we make networks more agile and resilient? How can we lower energy consumption while increasing the efficiency and robustness of power components? And more broadly, how can we achieve a world where technologies would adapt dynamically and autonomously to the constant changes in our environment?
These questions are central to b<>com’s work on the deployment of the coming 5G. The Institute of Research and Technology, which has become a test operator for 5G, has just deployed a testing platform unique in Europe for the future network’s components and security. It is also engaged in two Horizon 2020 project, the largest European research and innovation program, relating to 5G.

“For a group like Mitsubishi Electric, 5G is not just a new generation of mobile networks, but a promise towards greater convergence in networks. In order to assess the complexity of these 5G networks on a broader scale, b<>com seems to us to be an ideal platform to combine our resources with those of its researchers and members. Additionally, our membership in b<>com is in line with a natural evolution of our “open innovation” policy, in force since the site opened in 1995, particularly with industrial and academic partners from Brittany,” says Franck Marti, the CEO of Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe.

To Bertrand Guilbaud, CEO of b<>com,

“We feel honored by the trust placed in us by a research laboratory as prestigious as Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe. It is therefore with great pleasure and passion that we will work with its teams, whom we have known for a long time. The ambition defined within our area of Networks & Security is strong, and the group we have formed to achieve it becomes even more effective from combining all of our skills together.”
Mitsubishi Electric Research Centre is focused on communication systems and power electronics

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