Beacon, the sensor which optimises your activity

Adventiel is launching Beacon, a small smart sensor to optimise farm activities. It can be placed anywhere and communicates without instrumentation using Bluetooth low energy technology.

The box has a unique login and operates autonomously through a battery with five to ten years life. The farmer can place several sensors on his farm and his animals (a sensor costs €10 to €20) and use an app on his smartphone to know where his associates or employees are travelling or are located in set areas and the tasks to be carried out throughout his holding and his farm. He can also monitor herd movements and manage safety in his entire holding.

Beacon can thus improve efficiency and productivity on the farm by detecting all the tasks to be accomplished in real time and sending safety alerts or work instructions automatically, depending on the location of the operator. These sensors are currently designed for agriculture but could be adapted to other businesses.

The Beacons are compatible with all the accessories offered by Adventiel, such as the smartglasses previewed by Adventiel during Space in Rennes in September. These smartglasses intended for the farming world allow the wearer to count parasites, for example, to conduct audits and quality controls, to assess, weigh and note animals (cattle, sheep and goats) and to carry out agricultural experiments. According to Adventiel, the user can interact with his environment by looking through the glasses whilst combining enriched data from the computer system.


Source : Terre-net Média – 21/06/2016

Credit : Adventiel