Beyond Your Motion designs a serious game to help Parkinson’s sufferers and stroke victims

Beyond Your Motion (BYM, Rennes) has developed a rehabilitation game based on interactive biomechanics to stimulate the brain and thus aid Parkinson’s sufferers and stroke victims to regain their freedom of movement. The game is now starting to be marketed. The target clientèle includes both private individuals and rehabilitation professionals and centres. Clinical results (five hundred sessions conducted in the West) show that this play medium has improved 5 to 20% of certain functional capacities.

BYM intends to become a reference rehabilitation solution in a global market of seven million Parkinson’s sufferers, not counting the populations of stroke victims. The fixed goal is to manage to rehabilitate fifty thousand people a year within five years, which represents a potential turnover of €15M.

Source: Journal des Entreprises – 10/06/2016