BioMap 2016: Bretagne is in the winners’ circle of biotech regions!

Biomap France 2016_eei-biotechfinances

Bretagne is holding its third place on the honours board of biotech regions with thirty companies, including four extra ones, thus rising above the new super-regions created under the territorial reforms. A result made possible by the resources and skills in Bretagne, corporate vitality, an efficient network and support from local partners. The region has two major advantages: its marine resources and the by-products from agriculture and the agri-food industry. Reference mapping for the life science players and operators internationally, the BioMap lists the living forces of the French bio-industry. Biotech Finances has just published the 2016 edition. This is based on several criteria that are mandatory for businesses: having their head office in France and developing their own R&D in Bretagne, holding a proprietary technology, reporting a turnover for the current year + grants and fund raising (from the origin) of over €1M and agreeing to its data being broadcast by Biotech Finances. The thirty businesses: Algues et Mer, Agrimer, Agrival, BCF Life Sciences, bioMérieux, Bretagne-Plants, Codif international, C.Ris Pharma, DiafirBiopredic, Bioprojet biotech, Biotechmarine, Biotrial, BIO3GEffinov nutrition, Eurosafe, Goëmar, Hemarina, HTL, Javenech, Kelia, ManRos Therapeutics, NG Biotech, Olmix, Polaris, Polymaris Biotechnology, Soliance, YsLab
Source : Portail de l’innovation – 08/01/2016 | EEI Biotechfinances
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