Bleu-Blanc-Cœur : the alpha and omega 3 of the future

Created in Bretagne in 2000, the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur association includes farmers, scientists, consumers, brands and doctors working together in the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur approach, the first to be recognised by the State for its nutritional and environmental advantages. It contributes to the health of both animals and the humans who consume them and has a positive impact on methane emissions. More than 1,000 products bear its logo. It meets strict specifications with obligations of means and results, such as introducing natural omega 3 sources into animal feeds, limiting soy beans and banning the use of certain substances like palm oil as well as environmental protection and animal welfare. Studies carried out with Inra have shown that cows fed with omega 3 reduce their methane emissions by 15%. This study promotes the Eco-Methane system initiated by Bleu-Blanc-Cœur, which counts the methane “saved” via methods that measure the fatty acids in the milk.

Source : Paysan Breton – 14/06/2017  

Photo credit : Bleu-Blanc-Coeur