BluEcoPHA will soon indutrialize biosourced plastic

The Breton project BluEcoPHA has been advancing for several years on its objectives of production of biodegradable biosourced plastic from co-products obtained from the agribusiness sector and marine bacteria. The creation of an industrialisable and sustainable process of transformation is expected to enter the industrial phase in October 2017.

BluEcoPHA is a member of the Valorial cluster and has several partners: Séché Environnement (Changé), Triballat (Noyal-sur-Vilaine), Europlastiques (Changé), CBB Capbiotek (Rennes), Elixence, Ademe, the Breizpack network (Lorient), The University of Southern Bretagne, the Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute (Lorient) and the Rennes National School of Chemistry.

S. Bruzaud, researcher at the IRDL (Lorient), explains that other projects are advancing, especially in Southern Europe, while new legislation will apply in France such as the ban on plastic microparticles in exfoliants (creams, toothpastes…) from 2018, or the ban on cotton sticks in 2019. With his teams, he has tested the bioplastic for 3 years. In 180 days, the 0.2 mm film was reduced to 0.08 mm in natural sea water and the level of biodegradation was 98% in 220 days, 50% faster than for cellulose. S. Bruzaud is very enthusiastic about setting up a Breton industrial chain that could dethrone oil in its use in packaging. Products have already been produced with the programmes’ partners.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 15/05/2017 

Photo credit : BluEcoPHA