Bolloré inaugurates its new factory for 12 metre-long electric buses

Blue solutions bluebus

The Bolloré group inaugurated its new Blue Solutions factory (Ergué-Gabéric) in January. This is specifically for electric buses twelve metres long. The group has invested €40M in this site, with an anticipated 150 jobs to be created. The RATP has already ordered 22 buses, confirming the wish of the authorities in Paris to replace 3,600 of its buses with electric vehicles. The Bluebus have a sufficient power reserve to travel between 180 and 250 km and can hold up to 101 passengers. The 12 m version is the most in demand (90% of the market of urban passenger transport vehicles), although the Bolloré group has also invested €10M in another unit in Ergué-Gabéric to produce small, six-metre long buses. These vehicles all use LMP batteries (lithium metal polymer) which are also made at Ergué-Gabéric.

Source : L’Usine Nouvelle – 15/01/2016
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