Brasserie Lancelot attacks on all fronts

With a growth of 30%, Brasserie Lancelot (in Roc Saint-André; 48 employees; 2017 turnover: €20M; Phare Ouest Group – 73 employees) has doubled its activity in 3 years and is looking to double it again in the next 5 years to reach 100,000 hectolitres. To support the development of the company, CEO Stéphane Kerdodé is investing €4 million in its plant: latest-generation equipment, offices, shop and tasting area for the public, so visits to the brewing house and distillery will be closed. Because the brewery is diversifying into the production of spirits.


Production of spirits

Its Galaad whisky, which is aged in oak casks for 3 years, will be marketed for Christmas 2020 and will join the small circle of Breton distilleries that offer quality whiskies: Les Menhirs (Eddu), Warenghem (Armoric), Glann ar Mor (Kornog) and Sainte-Colombe (Roc’Elf).

Stéphane Kerdodé explains: “Mixed with Brocéliande water to get closer to 40º, the Galaad will be neither peaty nor smoky. Instead, we’ll find the spirit of Japanese whisky, more floral and fruity, as well as the taste of the first Lancelot cervoise.” As for the rum, this needs to be aged for one to two years. Stéphane Kerdodé plans to age some of his barrels on the Breton islands in order to vary the flavours. The others will be taken down to a depth of 40 metres into the old gold mine that the company is built on. In the meantime, the brewery has launched its “Seizh” gin.


Four medals at the World Beer Awards

Last August, Brasserie Lancelot won four medals at the World Beer Awards in London: three gold medals (XI.I Samhain, Belgien Style Strong category; Blanche Hermine IPA, American style IPA category; Duchesse Anne, Belgian style triple category) and one silver medal (Duchesse Anne Triple Hops, Belgian style triple category).

It should be noted that Brasserie de Bretagne also won three medals at the World Beer Awards in London: one gold, one silver and one bronze.


Official supplier of the Route du Rhum

For the Route du Rhum, a solo transatlantic race that starts every four years in Saint Malo, Brasserie Lancelot has created a new beer flavoured with Guadeloupe rum. The stakes were high: run a temporary brewery of 1,000m² for 10 days and serve 9,600 beers daily to nearly two million visitors. Bet won. Stéphane Kerdodé promoted his know-how and his brand at the event and confided:”I knew that we were winners from the first evening. I’ve always thought I could become the Breton Guinness. And that’s what we’re demonstrating today in Saint-Malo.


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