Bretagne agriculture is coping and adjusting

Putting in good performances despite never-ending crises, Bretagne agriculture took centre stage at the Salon de l’agriculture held in February in Paris.

Bretagne is the leading French region for livestock farming and the agri-food sector. It is a heavyweight in several sectors: milk (22% of the national production), pork (58% of the national production), poultry (45%), meat (40%) and eggs. It is also the 2nd largest beef producer (15% of the national production).

Bretagne agriculture employs 70,000 people for a turnover of €9B. Agri-food records a turnover of €20B.

Organic farming remains a buoyant segment for Bretagne agriculture: the region is in 4th place in the French organic produce processing industry.

Source : Ouest France – 03/03/2017  

Photo credit : Salon international de l’agriculture