The Bretagne cosmetics group rechristened Rocher Group

Rocher Group Cosmetics

Rechristened Rocher Group (15,000 employees, €2.1B turnover in 2014, with 65% international sales) since July 2015, the grandson of the founder and the Group’s Chairman and Managing Director, Bris Rocher, is taking the standard bearer brand in hand (Yves Rocher, 70% of turnover) and creating a group general management team of four deputy managing directors from the business. This reorganisation is ending a five-year transition period during which Stéphane Bianchi, Deputy Managing Director of the group since 1998, training the founder’s heir, straightened out the company’s accounts and transformed the mail order company into a distribution group. It now has four thousand points of sale worldwide generating two-thirds of sales. The new management is going to work hard to kick start growth that has been stable for the past few years, mainly by capitalising on “committed brands” and specific audiences. Sales will be boosted via the network of boutiques and exports expanded outside the euro zone, especially to Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe through alliances with local partners, like Petit Bateau and Fung Retailing in China.

Source : Les Echos 18/06/15
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