The Bretagne institute B-Com an award winner in Las Vegas

B-Com, the Bretagne institute for research and innovation in image and networks, received the prize for technological innovation in April at the Nabshow, the world audiovisual production fair in Las Vegas. This price rewards its conversion technology for audiovisual formats. In barely five years in business, B-Com is following on from the great names in global innovation: Fraunhofer, NICT, ETRI, Cisco, Ericsson, etc.

Its solution is designed so that everyone, professionals and consumers, can take advantage of the exceptional feeling of immersion made possible by the very latest generation of HDR (High Dynamic Range) televisions. B-Com comprises some 40 companies and 230 researchers based on its campus in Rennes and at Lannion and Brest. They develop tools, products and services to facilitate everyday life and focus on two research areas: hypermedia (ultra-high-definition images, 3D sound, smart contents, virtual and increased realities, etc.) and more agile ultra-high-speed networks (cloud, cybersecurity, mobile ultra-high speed, network resilience, Internet of Things, etc.). These technologies are finding applications, especially in e-health.

B-Com has received €14M for the “Connected Optimised Network & Data in Operating Rooms” (Condor) project which focuses on the hospital of the future. The aim is to roll out a new global standard in surgical video by combining operating theatre and 3D imaging instruments.

The Océanopolis marine park (Brest) is installing a new B-Com-designed virtual reality attraction for several users in July 2017. The visitors will be able to dive and move around in a virtual basin, surrounded by and interacting with animals.

The institute is also the operator of a test that is going to lead Greater Rennes to 5G. On this topic, Mitsubishi Electric joined forces with B-Com at the end of 2016 to develop and optimise the future 5G multi-antenna transmission networks as part of the programme to densify the network and improve its energy efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric researchers have been on the B-Com campus for several months to work with a multi-disciplinary team in the networks and security field.

In addition, Nokia has expressed its wish to be involved in the unique 5G and cybersecurity experimentation platform set up by B-Com.

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Photo credit : GoGlasses