Bretagne potatoes are being exported

At the Sica General Meeting at the start of the year, the Director of Bretagne Plants, E. Guillery, gave an assessment of the situation of the Bretagne potato sector.

Two-thirds of Bretagne seed potatoes are exported. This figure comes about by organising the sector “to be efficient and to explore new export markets”. The 2015/2016 campaign featured further increases in tonnages to 90 kT for a total 142 kT marketed, with stable turnover and gross yields. The three main seed potato export destinations were Egypt (17.4 kT), Tunisia (14.75 kT) and Algeria (6.3 kT, divided by two). Globally, the African countries imported 7% more than the previous campaign. The sector’s outlets are diversifying and it now has 53 countries to its credit.

When asked to talk about exports, the Director of Bretagne Commerce International, V. Chamaret, underlined that “the first obstacle in accessing these markets is still the ability to invest, because short-term returns are rare”. He also points out that changes in regulatory obstacles and the demand of new approvals complicate access to these markets in a previously unknown fashion, which forces players to keep routinely abreast of changes. Mr Mercier, a vine nurseryman, confirms this need for monitoring and canvassing.

Source : Paysan Breton – 13/01/2017  

Photo credit : Pixabay