Bretagne sets out its cybersecurity ambitions

Pôle d'excellence Cyber cybersecurity

The French cybersecurity market, with a turnover of €1.6B, today has 40.000 employees and a projected annual growth of around 10%. No less than 130 (2,500 jobs) of the 700 French companies involved in so-called “digital trust” technologies are installed in Bretagne. These companies grew by 12% in 2015 in terms of business and 15% in workforce. The Bretagne cybersecurity network may not be as dense as the Paris region, but it nevertheless has some strong features. The Bretagne network has huge national and international collaboration potential. Found on all fronts (industrial, training, research, innovation), it has developed cooperation between the hardware and software universes. The SME fabric is dense and boosted by the presence of major players (STMicroelectronics, Oberthur, Orange, Capgemini, Airbus Defence and Space, Alcatel-Lucent, Atos Bull, Safran, Sopra-Steria, Thales, etc.) and huge expertise on the subject (secure telecommunications, software publication). Other companies like Cisco and Nokia have also stated their intention to invest in the region, thereby bolstering its appeal. In addition, the Cyber excellence cluster is aiming to expand the range of training courses and academic research and speed up the industrial development of this sector.

Source : Ouest France entreprise – 26/01/16

Photo credit : Pôle d’Excellence Cyber