Bretagne welcomes the first underwater energy farm in the world

underwater energy farm in Bretagne

The major groups EDF and DCNS should have the first experimental underwater energy farm in the world in operation on the Bretagne coast by this summer. Some €40M have been invested in a project that has taken nearly ten years to complete. The two peripheral underwater turbines soon to be connected off Bréhat in the Channel will be capable of generating 1 MW, i.e. the equivalent consumption of 1,500 households. DCNS is also working on two new machines for Canada through its subsidiary OpenHydro and is planning an assembly plant in Cherbourg. Also in the lists for underwater energy projects is Sabella (Quimper), which has been testing its first axial machine for several months at Ouessant and supplying the island with electricity. Its director, J.-F. Daviau, hopes that the public authorities will confirm the pilot farm project announced for this area but is also banking on the perspectives for its technology abroad, mainly in the Philippines where a project is at the final negotiating stage. Sabella is preparing to raise ~€8M to continue to forge ahead. |

Source : Les Echos – 25/02/2016
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