Bret’s crisps made by Altho taste success

Altho (Saint-Gérand, 250 employees, €100M annual turnover, 3% exported, Alain Glon Holding group), which produces 30% of crisps in France under its Bret’s brand and major retail outlet own brands, is banking on quality by acquiring supplies from 250 farmers, including 75% in Bretagne, and on innovation by using several varieties of potato and an increasing number of original flavours for its own brand.

Twenty years after opening its doors, the factory is running flat out and is investing €8M to expand, triple the production of its vegetable crisps from 200 to 600 tonnes a year and increase its share of exports. Following the buy-out of the Portuguese company SIA devoted to producing own brand products, Altho is already expanding overseas and believes that the development potential is even greater in Southern Europe, mainly Italy, thanks to the organic and vegetable crisps.

The company has created 59 jobs in the last five years and anticipates further recruitment. In addition, Altho has signed a partnership agreement with LDC Algaë (Plouguenast), which offers innovative ecological solutions by promoting chlorella (micro-algae) and liquefied vermicompost production.  The Altho potato sector will reap the rewards of these innovations, to reduce the use of plant protection products in crops.

Sources : Ouest France – 06/07/2017 & 18/09/2017, API Newsletter – 04/09/2017, Journal des Entreprises – 11/09/2017