Brocéliande continues to build its antibiotic-free meat

Brocéliande, a cooked pork meats subsidiary of Cooperl Arc Atlantique (Lamballe) has stated its huge satisfaction with the first results from its “Bien Elevé” brand which promotes 100% French productions from pigs reared without antibiotics as soon as weaned and fed without GMO in 314 farms required to comply with these specifications. Launch nearly two years ago, the “Bien Elevé” cooked pork meats products are on stock lists in 1,200 major retail outlets in France. Brocéliande sells 300,000 products every month. Customers are reassured by the origin and quality of products. In 2016, Brocéliande plans to launch forty new self-service cooked pork items under this brand. The first French cooked ham brand to have been authorised in China, Brocéliande is focusing on this country and is delighted that it has already been marketed in over fifty sales outlets since October 2014, mainly in Shanghai and Beijing. Cooperl Arc Atlantique, the animal supplier, wants 1.5 million of its 5 million pigs slaughtered every year to come from farms complying with “Bien Elevé” rules by the end of 2017. In the medium term, Cooperl Arc Atlantique will guarantee totally antibiotic-free animals.

Source : Lettre Economique de Bretagne – 22/02/2016 and 23/06/2016
Photo credit : Brocé