These businesses that relocate to Finistère

The Journal des Entreprises is focusing on the increasingly numerous relocations of production facilities seen in Bretagne. The businesses rely on the “Made in France” quality that is gaining recognition. In addition, being near sub-contractors or having your own production lines means escaping transport costs and delays and payment, quality and after-sales service problems. Without forgetting the pleasant living environment in Bretagne.

Thus, the American group Cummins is bringing back to Quimper part of its production of HGV filters which has been in Turkey for seven years and Iméon (Brest, 15 employees) is bringing back the assembly of its smart inverters to Aode Electronics (Plouzané) from Asia. Its manager, C. Goasguen, explains that this not only creates jobs in the region, but gives him more control over the production line and increased flexibility.

T. Le Bihan, manager of the specialist Naval Architecture Design Office Foil & Co. (Plouedern), is opting to hire three employees and invest €77k in the largest 3D printer in Bretagne, in conjunction with Robot-Seeds (Brest), rather than continuing to work with Asia. The giant Neil Pryde is entrusting part of its foil production to Aventure Composites (Brennilis, 15 employees) whereas they were being 90% manufactured in Asia.

Conversely, more and more Asian groups are putting their confidence in Bretagne know-how, like the giant Synutra, which has built a powdered milk factory at Carhaix and is planning two more. The Weidong group has taken up 70% of the capital of Brest Business School (Brest). For this reason, Brest Métropole is organising a charm offensive in May to which a delegation of business leaders from Shandong Province will be invited.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 13/02/2017