Buy out of Envivio by Ericsson

Envivio Ericsson Video compression

The Swedish giant Ericsson acquired the Franco-American company Envivio at the end of October (170 people between the San Francisco headquarters and the Rennes R&D centre; $43M turnover), a spin-off from Orange specialising in video compression. Its director, Julien Signès, has decrypted for the Journal des Entreprises the forecast sales for his company quoted on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Ericsson has a genuine strategy for investing in media infrastructures, one of the services of the future with multi-screens, IP, cloud, etc. and needs the technologies brought by Envivio: video compression and also broadcasting, storage, network, advert insertion, recorded services, protection, i.e. all content delivery and customisation. This is also a chance for Envivio to throw itself into integration in a far broader product portfolio, speedier developments and a much larger market presence. When questioned about the North American perception of the French industry, Julien Signès seeks to be reassuring: “I spend a great deal of time explaining to the Americans why we have engineers in Rennes. We have genuine efficiency and a very favourable quality-cost ratio in France, including in a global context. Reasonable costs, sought-after tax credit, quality engineers and training, expansion capacity and stable employment and workforce. All these factors help to make it a most attractive location.”

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 02/10/2015

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