Carboman group, European leader in composite materials

Carboman Multiplast boating

Formed by Multiplast (Vannes) and the Swiss company Décision SA, the Carboman group (170 employees, €23M turnover) is acquiring the company Plastinov and its subsidiary Plastéol (Lot et Garonne, 35 employees, €3M), specialising respectively in the manufacture of composite parts for industry, aeronautics and boating and the design and maintenance of blades and nacelles for wind turbines. With this buy-out, the group is aiming to become a European leader in the composite material sector. It also wishes to diversify its activities so that it is less dependent on the boating industry. As a specialist in composite boatbuilding, Multiplast is diversifying into other sectors, mainly defence, industry, luxury sector, etc. The company is focusing especially on designing aeronautical parts and is investing in a fourth hall specifically for aeronautical part production runs, mainly for Airbus. A first large-scale civil engineering project for Multiplast is designing and producing the five domes for the Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Centre in Paris (Quai Branly). |

Sources : Décideurs en Région – 07/10/2015, Ouest-France Entreprises – 10/06/2015
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