Cavasso Thalasso products for horses are saddling up to conquer Europe

Photo credit : Cavasso

Created by two horse lovers, C. and M. Violleau, Les Ecuries de Kerrous (Bodilis) offers Cavasso, algae-based thalasso treatments for horses.

Distributed in France, as well as in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and even Brazil, they reduce tendinitis, promote muscle recovery and relieve engorged limbs and fatigue. For competitive horses, however, it was necessary to pass anti-doping tests.

Les Ecuries de Kerrous already has around twenty retailers in France. The company also sells its products online. Bretagne Commerce International supports Cavasso in its development on the European market, particularly in Belgium and Germany. The company has also participated in the International Open and is benefiting from BCI’s expert advice on country-specific regulations and e-commerce habits.

Since 2017, the Breton SME has worked with the Belgian rider G. Wathelet, a regular of podium jumping competitions, also an equine trainer: his masseur bought a product that Cavasso made available for him in another format. They are partners and the brand can use his image in its communication and marketing.


Source : Bretagne Economique – 01/03/2018

Source : Cavasso