CEA Tech Bretagne: a technology transfer platform dedicated to the agriculture industry

Cea Tech Bretagne. Photo d'illustration : Usine agro-alimentaire de la Sill à Plouvien. Credit photo : Dominique Leroux-Region Bretagne

Bretagne is aiming to become the “European leader in good food”. With a view to breaking with the image of mass production and transforming the sector to better promote high quality products, the support offered by the Bretagne region focuses in particular on innovation and technology. In this context, the new CEA Tech Bretagne* technology transfer platform was launched last June. Its objective: to support agricultural and agri-food companies, SMEs and mid-tier companies as a priority, to accelerate innovation in these areas.

CEA Tech Bretagne will be particularly involved in plant production (e.g. for horticulture, greenhouses, open fields), animal production (livestock) and seafood products, and in the food industry of the future (robotics, improvement of working conditions). CEA Tech Bretagne will link public and private research. Synergies can be envisaged with technical centres such as Adria Développement in Quimper (food safety) or the Anses laboratory (animal safety).


*Depends on the CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission)


Source : La Tribune – 07/09/2018

Photo credit : Dominique Leroux / Region Bretagne