Cellaouate transforms your newspaper into insulation

Specialising in upcycling, Cellaouate (Morlaix) transforms paper into cellulose wadding. Following an initial study on the feasibility of a local paper collection and recovery sector, the company has joined Esat de Landivisiau and now has 700 paper collecting partner associations such as Esat de Morlaix, Briec and Dinan. The associations shared €230,000 in 2017 and schools received €1,000 for the collected paper. Part of the market is even international.

In 2010, when Cellaouate was created, insulation accounted for only 3-4% of renovation or eco-construction projects. Today, it represents between 5 and 8% of the market. The company sells its products under various brands, in DIY stores, with artisans purchasing cooperatives, or with Eco’ouate (Brest), which specialises in insulation. In addition, cellulose wadding is increasingly demanded in public markets.

The plant has a production capacity of 10 kT/year, but still produces only 5.5 kT/year. For the moment, only one factory is sufficient in Bretagne, there is the potential for a new unit, in Vendée for example, to be built. Its founding director, J.-P. Caroff plans to create a cork-related industry.


Sources : Ouest France – 26/03/2018