Cerp Bretagne Atlantique supplies 22,000 foreign dispensing pharmacies

The newspaper Les Echos is looking into the latest developments in the medicinal drug delivery cooperative Cerp Bretagne Atlantique (Saint Brieuc, €650M turnover). With eleven agencies in Western France and already present in Asia and Africa, CERP has created Mex-Médical Export (€136M turnover in 2014), a company involved solely in international and overseas department sales. Mex has a total of 22,000 foreign partner dispensing pharmacies in a dozen countries, mainly Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Vietnam and Cambodia along with French Polynesia, Mayotte and Réunion. CERP’s cooperative status makes it stand out among medicinal drug distributors and it depends entirely on dispensing pharmacists in a spirit of independence. In addition, the cooperative is developing a consortium of pharmacists, a specific service for delivering parapharmacy ranges and a central purchasing body for non-reimbursed medicinal drugs.
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Source : Les Echos 05/11/2015
Photo credit: entreprises.ouest-france.fr
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