CES Las Vegas: Bretagne out in force!

Bretagne Commerce International (BCI) accompanied a delegation of 23 Bretagne companies to the CES Las Vegas last January.

More especially under the spotlight, Klaxoon (Rennes, 130 employees), a specialist in professional collaborative work tools, presented its MeetingBoard, a mobile smart meeting space where teams can work together in all types of location. Created jointly with Samsung, LG and Iiyama, it does not need the Internet and can connect up to fifty employees at the same time. From the first day, Klaxoon sold several hundred solutions and formalised new contacts.

Immersive Therapy (Rennes) is offering an application to treat tinnitus using games in two to three months. This application has been developed by a team of researchers from Supélec-Rennes and Paris.

Mobility Tech Green (Rennes) wishes to expand its export business and presented, e-Colibri, its car-sharing solution for businesses and communities that should shortly include artificial intelligence.

YoGoKo (Rennes) designs and deploys B to B communication solutions for the road infrastructure, urban furniture and vehicles. Its box seeks to revolutionise urban modality. Its goal at CES was to increase its visibility to top-level car and equipment manufacturers.

XP Digit (hosted by the Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine) designs connected beacon solutions and presented KypSafe, the first 100% nomadic site securing system, to expand its export strategy.

Asamgo (Brest) presented Ofi, its luminous smart floating object that revolutionises water control in swimming pools. Patented and developed with CNRS, Ofi has probes that collect and analyse data (water quality, temperature, chlorine level, pH) that are transmitted to a smartphone in real time.

Tell-élevage (Quimper), a specialist in auditing livestock buildings, has developed a high-performing computer system that X-rays all non-conformities in a building. These are put into order of importance and given to the farmer who then can demand accountability.

Haapie (Rennes) constructs cognitive and social robots and virtual personalities. The company mainly develops table robots designed to facilitate community life in public institutions and reception robots to guide visitors. Its technology includes cognitive solutions, speech recognition and dialogue management.

Smartmoov (Rennes) has developed a platform linked to an application that recovers and analyses data from the on-board car computer and open data to advise on safety and driving and to coach the driver.

WaryMe (Cesson-Sévigné), founded in May 2017, proposes a mobile personal safety application to boost the safety of teaching institutions when threatened with intrusion, an attack or another major risk. It helps to reduce reaction times and helps the head of the institution and the crisis management team in introducing safety procedures. The application is also of interest to businesses.


Sources : Ouest France – 16/01/2018, La Tribune – 09/01/2018