Cherry Biotech moves into organ-on-a-chip technology

Cherry Biotech (Rennes, 13 employees) develops and markets instrumentation for biology and health. Its primary market is biological research, for which it is developing a range of high resolution imaging instruments. Its first product is Cherry Temp, a temperature control system for high performance microscopy based on microfluidic technology. Academic research labs are its main customers and the potential market for industrial pharmaceutical research or therapeutic diagnosis is huge.

After 2 years of R&D conducted with the IGDR genetic development institute in Rennes, the Cherry 360 project has given rise to a novel device that can control and influence the different stages in living cell division. It is backed up by a platform to help scientists advance in fundamental synthetic biology research. The project is supported by ID2Santé and receives financial help from the Bretagne region.

Cherry Biotech now wishes to develop organ-on-a-chip systems to replace animal testing and offer alternative solutions for new molecule development in personalised medicine and cosmetics.

Source : Bretagne Economique – 12/06/2017 

Photo credit : Cherry Biotech