Chimirec recycles hazardous products at Javené

Chimirec production line

As a specialist in sorting and recovering hazardous products, Chimirec (Javané, 114 employees) operates with industries and communities in Bretagne, Pays de la Loire and Basse Normandie. The introduction of a new production line in 2013 has led to the setting up of a waste-to-energy conversion chain and 14 kT of alternative fuel were thus produced in 2015 (12 kT in 2014). The company intends to continue its investments by injecting €1.3M into the Javené site, mainly to improve the grinding process and build up the capacities of the analysis laboratory. It is also planning other investments in 2016 for material separation and should recruit three people.

Source : Décideurs en Régions 15/12/2015
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