Claripharm provides intimate support to women

Claricare. Crédit photo : Claripharm

Claripharm (Saint Alban, 13 employees, turnover 2017: €2.2 M) offers products that “accompany women in all their vaginal experiences: menstruation, pregnancy, menopause“. This common theme has become a development slogan for this company founded in 2013.

The Breton Clarisse Le Court, at the head of the company, owes the beginning of her success story to this silicone protective shell designed to protect against wounds and scarring after childbirth. There is also Claricup, a silicone cup for menstrual cycles, and Clarigyna, an intimate shower gel. The R&D cell (5 people) is working on a new device, Clarinov, for the menopause. “A prebiotic biofilm is being developed for the treatment of vaginal dryness.” More than 30% of the budget is spent on research.

In 2015, the turnover was €500,000, in 2017 it rose to €2.2 M. Claripharm sells in about twenty countries, including Switzerland, Belgium, and Vietnam. Exports represent 10% of the activity but the goal is to reach 70% in the next two to three years. The company is even attacking regulated markets.


Source : Ouest France, 18/07/2018

Photo credit : Claripharm