A cluster around Thales

Protecno electronic card

To improve the industrial maturity of SME in the defence and aeronautical equipment manufacturing sector in Bretagne, Thales (Brest and Etrelles) has formed a cluster of six Bretagne SME: Protecno and API2M (Brest), Aode Electronics (Plouzané), Prolann (Lannion), A & P Lithos (Châteaubourg) and Novatech (Pont-de-Buis). They are all historic and strategic supplies of Thales, with complementary activities. Recognising precision electronic and mechanical skills on the Bretagne peninsula, this initiative seeks to capitalise on and develop jobs in the region whilst companies expand their expertise and set out to seek new markets. Collaboration and cooperation within this cluster are the keys to the players responding to global calls for tender and accessing larger markets.

http://protecno.fr | www.aode-electronics.com | http://prolann-srmp.com | www.novatech-groupe.com

Source : Le Télégramme – 11/12/2015

Photo credit : protecno.fr
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