The Contemporary Culinary Centre is testing 3D food printers

The Rennes Contemporary Culinary Centre is experimenting with two 3D food printers with a view to installing the machine in households and therefore making it widely accepted.

The innovation platform supporting the “eating sectors” has been focused on this new technology since January 2016 and works with experts, head chefs and consumers to assess its potential, experiment with the technology and establish an approach through the uses.

The Sprintbox uses liquids, powders and even purees to give volume and can produce hollow parts; it cannot, however, heat things. The other printer being experimented with is the PancakeBot. This can programme a shape using software, pour the dough using a “syringe”, move and cook it.

Eight months of testing were required to find the correct proportion, the correct temperature and the correct pressure. Creating pancakes in the shape of the Eiffel Tower may seem futile, but 3D printing can provide responses to social, economic and environmental problems in the food sector. For example, nutritional optimisation is possible from a health viewpoint. A small machine at home for personal use could be a help and comfort.

The Contemporary Culinary Centre hopes to reach a pre-competitive solution. The team is therefore working on the perfectibility of the printer and on improving its experience by breaking down the barriers.

Source : Ouest France Entreprises – 14/08/2017

Photo credit : 3D Colors